Ai Layers Export

An Adobe Illustrator script to export designs by layers.

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What is it

This script is based on Jon Hicks original SaveLayersAsPNG script which exports the top layers one by one.

When you're working on some big UI designs, you usually have lots of layers and sublayers, things that have to always stay visible, or some more complex scenarios. This script will export layers recursively based on some flags at the end of the layer name.

Layer flags

You can add a special flag at the end of a layer to control it's rendering:

  • (+) - always visible - good for backgrounds, headers and footers, ...

  • (-) - ignore layer

  • (~) - popup layer - useful for overlays and popups, the script will export once with the layer hidden, and once visible.

  • no flag -


Exported files:


Get it

Download the extension from github.

Also read:

  • Update: Starting with Adobe Illustrator CC 17.1, layers remember open/closed state, making the tool described in this post unnecessary. How much time have you wasted by collapsing the layers every time you open that 50-layer-Illustrator-file? Sadly, Illustrator CS5 (Update: CS6 or CC either) can't remember the states of the layers between saves,...